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Develop your professional courage

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I am passionate about helping people develop their professional courage. My clients are often facing big, new, exciting (and scary) challenges. We partner to overcome obstacles, appreciate the learnings, and chart courses for the future. For almost 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of executives and emerging executives find professional fulfillment, gain confidence, become more effective managers, improve productivity, and get clear on their strengths.

My internal coaching experiences have been at top tier organizations and academic institutions, including Bain & Company, MIT Sloan School of Business, Tufts University, and The College of the Holy Cross. My current clients represent a range of companies, from Fortune 500 to new entrepreneurial ventures. I also serve as a Core Guide for Chief, a private member network focused on connecting and supporting executive women leaders. 

I am a Certified Co-Active Coach (ICF certified program, PCC designation), Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Certified, The Leadership Circle Profile certified, and a Gallup CliftonStrengths coach. I earned a master’s in counseling from The College of Saint Rose and a bachelor of arts from Hamilton College.


One-on-one coaching

and team coaching


Coaching for you

Schedule a call with Alex to share your professional

goals and why you might like to work with a coach.

Typical coaching engagements with Alex

consider questions like:

  • How do I better manage my team?

  • How to I create better work/life boundaries?

  • Am I doing what I was meant to be doing?

Coaching with your team

Talk with Alex to discuss how coaching

might benefit your team. Typical team coaching engagements with Alex include questions like:

  • How can our team get re-aligned on our mission/values?

  • Is our team happy/fulfilled?

  • How can we retain talent?

More info on team coaching with Alex


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