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Is it time to move on from your job?

You’re in a role that felt really good for a long time – you were accomplishing things, stretching yourself, making exciting things happen, and then something changed. Maybe there were updates to the reporting structure of your team, or maybe you were asked to take on additional responsibilities that felt overwhelming, or maybe you just outgrew the role. Whatever it is, things aren’t feeling as fulfilling as they once did. But, is it time to move on?

If you’re feeling conflicted, here are some questions you should consider:

What did I hope to accomplish in my role? Am I there yet?

Prior to starting your current role, did you make a list of goals you’d like to accomplish? If so, have you accomplished those goals? Are there any still left on your list?

If you didn’t make such a list, consider reviewing your job description for a reminder of what you were offered when you started your role (if you don’t have a copy of your current job description, you can ask HR for one). Are there parts of your job description that you have yet to accomplish or gain exposure to? Are you still excited about those things?

What else could my role be? Have I taken full advantage of all of the options? What other experiences could I have or skills could I gain that would re-invigorate me?

Consider conducting informational interviews with colleagues at your current organization or industry peers. What kinds of work are they doing that’s interesting to you? If you could get exposure to those types of projects in your current position, would that be enough to get your energy back for your current role?

What’s important to me in my life right now? Is my job working in service of my priorities?

Take a moment and reflect on what is different in your life from when you first started your role. Maybe you took the role as a next step, not sure if you would like it, but now feel like the industry or function is the right place for you professionally. Work is an important focus for you and your job isn’t fulfilling or challenging in the way you would like it to be.

Or, maybe you once were very excited about the job, but now suddenly are less focused on your professional life. Instead, you’d rather put your energy toward your personal life and have your job take a bit of a back seat.

Whatever your priorities are, honor them and realize that they will continuously change throughout your career. Make it a practice to assess your priorities now and several times during the year.

Why am I staying? Is it too scary to think of moving on or too overwhelming to think of investing time in a job search?

Take time to honestly answer these questions in a journal over the course of a few weeks. By coming back to these questions each day, you will answer in a more thoughtful way that’s not just a reaction to having a bad moment or two. Reflect on what you like about your job and what you find challenging. What comes-up? Is the stuff that you like worth sticking around for?

If you decide that you’re ready to move on, but a job search feels overwhelming to you, consider hiring a coach. A coach can provide structure for your search, accountability and momentum to keep you on task, and can help you ask the right questions so that you land well. Contact to learn more about a coaching package.

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

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