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Team/relationships coaching offer

Feeling out of sync in any of your relationships? Consider systems coaching

Team/relationships coaching is for any group of 2 or more people with common interests


Why should my relationship or team consider coaching? It can be really powerful being part of a team that runs well, but it can be really draining to be part of a team that is out of sync. Living in a pandemic for the past two years has put incredible strain on so many of our relationships, including friends, family, and business associates. Imagine having the opportunity to identify and articulate what is or is not working in your relationships and successfully manage the problems. This is what relationships/systems coaching can offer. 

Alternatively, if your team is running well, coaching can be a way for you to realign on your goals and path forward.


How can I learn more? Please send an email to and suggest some windows of time that you are available to talk. 


Thank you for your interest!

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